Hiroshi Uematsu

CEO (Management Consultant/English Coach)

WATSON Coaching & Consulting Group.

Hiroshi Uematsu originally started to learn English, when he was 7 years old, from his father and his father's English teacher who was a British priest living in the same town. This English learning experience in Hiroshi's early days significantly influenced his career. Ever since, Hiroshi have had day-to-day opportunities to communicate in English with English native speakers and he has learned English naturally and effectively, and his English communication skill has been highly valued.

Hiroshi joined NCR Japan in 1981 right after the college. Then Hiroshi spent 40 years straight in IT industry globally. 

In 1988, when Hiroshi was 30 years old, he was appointed as US Country Manager of the Japanese systems integrator he was working with. Then Hiroshi spent 5 years in U.S. until he returned to Japan in 1992.

In 1997, Hiroshi assumed Japan country manager position at HNC Software, which was a leading vendor of AI-based (neural network) financial risk management solutions. Ever since, Hiroshi has had assumed important country/regional management positions at several recognized US high-tech companies. Other companies Hiroshi played an important regional (APAC) and/or Japan country management roles include Fair Isaac Corp. ( a leader of financial risk scoring solutions) and InterSystems Corp. (a global leader of healthcare IT).

Hiroshi holds B.A. degree in Economics from Senshu University, and completed MBA Intensive course at St. Paul University (Rikkyo University).  

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