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October 1, 2020

WATSON assists Ready Computing to develop Japanese market


WATSON Coaching & Consulting Group (“WATSON”) and Ready Computing (based in New York, USA) has agreed that WATSON is positioned as Ready Computing’s Japanese Market Strategic Office and WATSON will conduct initial marketing activities to discover business opportunities for Ready Computing, primarily in Healthcare and other industries as appropriate. Ready Computing provides professional services and solutions to such industries as Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, and Supply Chain & Logistics. Ready Computing is very well recognized in U.S. and European markets by its quality services and outstanding domain knowledge and expertise especially in Healthcare. For more details about Ready Computing, access the link below.

September 25, 2020

Special Class at MoT (Management of Technology) School 


Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of WATSON Coaching & Consulting Group ("WATSON") and President & CEO of Business Research Inst. International, will be a special speaker on MoT school presented by Osaka Gas Business Create  (OGBC) on Friday, October 23 this year with such topics as 1) Digital Transformation in healthcare, and 2) Global Business Today and Future. MoT is positioned as an important research domain of MBA. MoT School by OGBC is well known as where you can learn MoT in practical way, and its entire courses are highly valued in Japanese business community. Access the link below for the class detail and registration. 

September 1, 2020

Partnership with WeCode 


WATSON Coaching & Consulting Group ("WATSON") and WeCode Inc. ("WeCode", based in Tsukuba, Ibaragi, Japan) has agreed to work together as  partners for WATSON to be able to help its client, as part of WATSON's  IT consulting services, to develop strategic and competitive information system using the up-to-date cutting edge technologies. WeCode was established 2019. It has development facilities in India in addition to its head office in Japan, and is a leading and highly-advanced IT company with number of highly skilled engineers. WeCode is now recognized as a company that will drive innovative changes in Japanese IT industry by delivering Cloud and Mobile applications based on highly-advanced next generation technologies.

May 6, 2020

Announced "WATSON Way", original method to learn English


WATSON Coaching & Consulting Group ("WATSON") has announced "WATSON Way" which is its original method for English learning. "WATSON Way" was developed by Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of WATSON based on his own English learning experience. It is structured to enable you to pronounce English just like English native speakers and enable you to speak English with right grammar. "WATSON Way" is getting attention as an innovative English learning method.

April 1, 2020

Executive Advisor for GeCS


Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of WATSON Coaching & Consulting Group ("WATSON")  has assumed position of Executive Advisor of GeCS Inc.("GeCS")  contributing healthcare industry by AI technology.  Uematsu supports GeCS with his number of years of experience in healthcare IT, and advanced AI initiative ever since AI dawn period of time. GeCS is expected to lead healthcare IT in new generation.