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Let's make your business in Japan successful

Single Point of Contact for Japan Market Entry

If you get into Japan market for the first time, you want to find out a right advisor for you, as a single point of contact. That's what we are. By working with specialists with proven track record in multiple areas of business operations, we can help you understanding your targeted market, finding out right people, putting your strategy and plan in place, and even setting up some back office features such as HR and Finance as required. We can even fill the acting country manager role until the full-time country manager is identified. This will enable to you to get things started in Japan as quickly as possible. 

Hiring right individual for the Country Manager role is extremely important for your success in Japan. That's why you should spend enough time for this particular hiring effort and that's why we help you for your quick start. 

Improving Your Business in Japan

If you've already been in Japan market for some years, and are not satisfied with your business in Japan, there must be some reasons. You certainly want to find it out.

Taking advantage of more than 20 years Japan country management experience, we can help you to identify specific reasons disrupting your success and work together with you to find out how you could improve your business.  Finding out specific solutions to improve your Japan business, you do need to understand your people, your customers, your partners and your targeted market, not just key business successful factors of your particular line of business. That's what we can help you.


We Are Right Behind You

Contact Hiroshi Uematsu (CEO of WATSON Coaching & Consulting) to help and support your business in Japan. Hiroshi has more than 20 years Japan country management experience. He's got proven track record of managing Japan with successful growth in revenue and profit. Understanding Japanese business and relevant difficulties and challenges, Hiroshi would be your great resource and asset for your success. Companies Hiroshi managed include Fair Isaac Corp., a leading vendor of AI-based financial risk scoring system, and InterSystems Corp, a leading technology vendor globally recognized in healthcare space.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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