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Global Business Language is English

Speaking English easily and naturally on business

If you run your business in non-English speaking countries such as Japan, one of the challenges you may encounter is the language. Many people in Japan, for example, have lot of difficulties and challenges in English communications. These difficulties and challenges typically come from their experience learning English at schools which may focus too much on memorizing words without any speaking training. People do not have opportunities to experience native spoken English.

We, WATSON Coaching & Consulting, are here to help people to overcome such difficulties and challenges and improve their English communication significantly as reasonably quickly as possible.

Hiroshi Uematsu, CEO of WATSON, does understand the difficulties and challenges Japanese people typically have in their English communications. Uematsu has developed a unique English learning method "WATSON Way  ", based on his own English learning experience, to help people improving their English communication quickly and effectively with right pronunciation, right grammar, and right expressions for day-to-day business situations.


Tips to Improve Your English Singincantly

English (or any other languages) learning process should be "training", not "studying". Some of the tips we use such as position of your tongue, English muscle (that's how we call) on your face, effective use of 4 key words, important phrases, and so on. Such simple and easy way to improve your English communication is what we exactly use to coach you.

If you speak English but not really confident in your wordings, pronunciations or grammar or anything, you will be reasonably confident possibly in 6 to12 months, depending on your effort. Even if you do not speak English that well, you will just need 2 to 3 years to be confident, with your strong will and desire to improve your English.


WATSON Way   is available for all non-native

English speakers


Our English coaching is Web-based. So it's available for all non-native English speakers in any countries while coaching is provided by Japanese standard business hours.

Your competitiveness may be determined by your English

Now is the time for action. Business communications may be less and less face-to-face contact. More communications such as meetings are expected to be done on-line due to Coronavirus and many other factors. Great English communication skill does help and make yourself different.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WATSON Way™ is trademark of WATSON Coaching & Consulting Group.

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